An innocent white kid goes for a walk.

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okay dude here's the thing: apply anyway. a lot of jobs hire people who don't fit the requirements if they like them or think they have the right skills. a lot of the time companies put things like "needs this much experience" or "must have completed this schooling" to dissuade people who aren't ambitious and will be intimidated by it. even if you don't end up getting it, there's literally nothing you can lose from applying.

thats… true!

i will take your advice anon!! and push myself to do it!

What are the qualifications you aren't meeting? It might still be worth applying anyway.

i havent completed a post-secondary and might not be for a few years :C

and that feels like a big make-or-break situation, or at the very least ill feel heavily judged for it

its such a shame because it really does seem like the people behind league really care and are passionate about bringing amazing things to their community

….too bad the community is full of assholes





Robin Thicke is unapologetic about how rapey ‘Blurred Lines’ is, meanwhile the dude who parodied it issues a public apology for one word.

And that is just one reason why I love Weird Al.

Note how Weird Al doesn’t make songs mocking fat people anymore either. It’s almost like people are capable of learning and changing their behavior for the better.

this was the only reason I couldn’t enjoy his cover of the song and I’m so glad to have seen this now

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tv nihon is so bad why do you like them?



You know, I find it truly magical that anytime anyone says anything even vaguely positive about TV-N, or anything remotely critical of O-T/Aesir, people flock out of the woodwork to tear down TV-N. It’s usually the TV-N supporters that are told to stop the “sub-wars” when they voice their opinions, or flat out told that they’re wrong for liking the sub group that they like.

Beyond my personal investment in the TV-N team (my wife mentioned how she works for them in her original post directing people to ALL the Kamen Rider sub groups, you will note) I just prefer them. They are the superior sub group for what I want from my fansubs.

I loathe localization, and I feel that it is a special kind of arrogance when a fansub group decides to heavily localize something. I like honorifics kept intact in my subtitles, because I do not think there is an accurate way to translate all the nuances of meaning for them to English. There are no equivalents, no, not even translating -san to “Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss/etc”. I also like Niisan/Neesan/Aniki/Aneki kept in tact, because there is more culturally going on there than simply “sister/brother”. 

Gridon and Sengoku were things that never needed to be translated. Because they are proper names. Yes, even when we didn’t know that the driver was named after Sengoku Ryouma, it was the name of the driver, it should have been kept intact. It’s so cool to point out the mistakes TV-N has made in their subs, but the SECOND someone tries to do the same with Aesir people jump down their throats, and I’m sick of it. Aesir is not handling Micchi or Ryouma’s dialogue with the respect it deserves, and it’s changing the interpretation of those characters as a result. One good example is a point where Micchi has a line that is LITERALLY just “Kouta is Kouta” and they turned it into this comic book villain mustache twirling style line. No. That is in no-way necessary.  

If you like localization, GO FOR IT. If you like soft subs, or fast and dirty subs, GO FOR IT. That’s FINE. But it’s also fine to prefer TV-N. Like ffs, we are so fucking lucky as a fandom to have not one but TWO fansub groups doing our shit for us. We don’t have to rely on HK or google-translate subs. BE GRATEFUL WE HAVE CHOICES and stop SHITTING one someone for preferring a different sub group than you. 

"TV-Nihon: Scourge or Savior" is exactly it,

While I would pick someone else’s sub over TV-N 8 times out of 10, I know for a fact that they have subbed many diverse series, and without them subbing it I may have never watched those series at all. I have seen Decade, Den-O, even Dairanger with TV-N subs, and it aint too bad at all.

Subs wars are dumb, but they’re fun too tbh. Whether you like TV-N or not, were all still watching tv shows made for 3-8 year old japanese boys, so stop being pretentious like we’re all above something like honorifics, but let’s not also pretend we are better for keeping it.

To those who don’t understand the difference between DC and Marvel,








here’s a video of an armadillo playing if youve never seen that before