Hyenas at the Toronto Zoo during winter, via Meaghan Edwards.

Merry Christmas everyone.

shit i’ve become unreasonably and rapidly obsessed with hyenas

they’re so prehistoric looking and hunky

ffxiv sucks out my life

bravely default sucks out my life

square enix confirmed for vampire


not changing ur url to maintain your brand recognition

I am so glad you exist, even if you exist so far away from me.

-- amandaspoetry (via miss-stormborn)

>doing hard mode of boss when tank says hes new

>i ask him if he looked up a guide at least and he said “i dont do guides”



back to school commercials


back to school commercials after graduation




what in the fuck does my sister think she’s doing?

god’s work

im trying to muster up the courage to be social with ppl in ffxiv and its so hard

its like im teaching myself to be social though so thats nice!

Lamia! its appears to be a pretty unpopular server… hah….

jiqkunii whispered:
welcome to mmo hell. with luck you may escape in 2 to 3 years depending on how committed &/ social you are in game.


Gamers organize a Pixel Pride parade online in Final Fantasy XIV

In what must be a first for Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming, players in Final Fantasy XVI have held an LGBTI Pixel Pride March.

Members of the LGBTI inclusive Rough Trade Gaming Community dressed their characters in the colors of the gay pride flag and marched in color formations through the virtual world of Eorzea on 19 July.

The event was held to celebrate the June announcement that players will be able to have same-sex relationships and marry characters of the same-sex in the reboot of the game Final Fantasy XVI: A Realm Reborn.

The event was also held to commemorate the life of Canadian Rough Trade Gaming Community member Lawrence Hong who died in April following a mass stabbing incident in Calgary.

He had been on the verge of graduating from the University of Calgary in a degree in Urban Studies.