trying to get back into digital drawing! have a little koko bust

final pics for now, captions in the pics!

This us for realm reborn yeah? I’m going to renew my membership, would you like to possibly play together? I have no one to play with…. no one i know personally plays…. sigh….

sure, I can add you as a friend! Im on the Lamia server btw and my characters name is Kokoroni Yoyoyon!

Pics from the festival in ffxiv! aah, so pretty!!

theres captions under each pic!!

Hello there my companion. May I just say that I hope you have many good days to come, and that any issues you are having soon pass! May you stand proud, and never give up! I am here for you if you ever want to talk! Peace be with you.

oh, thanks dude!

Anonymous whispered:
$, #, @, !

!!!!! thank you!!! u///u

how come i dont get stuck with cool people like this

ghostweeps whispered:
# $ @ ? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

ahhh!! oh man im blushin

thank you so much!!

djryudo whispered:
$#@! :3

pfpfftt nooo thats too nice of you!!! but.. thank you regardless!!